That´s worldmusic for loosers, winners and very normal people. No genre, no Borders. Only crafted percussion-jazz-funk-freestyle-solo-guitar. That´s where The Funky Michael performs: experience an extraordinary mix of virtuosity, groovy vibrations, mystic atmospheres, unique arrangements and inimitable live slapstick… Always manatee-grooved and panda-proofed!

!!NEW!! On November 16, 2017 the new album Shamanic Walls has been released (El Corredor Records, 14 Tracks, ca. 60 min.). Listen & download for example on Spotify, iTunes, or

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  • Shamanic Walls: 14 Tracks, ca. 60 min., 16. November 2017 Release, El Corredor Records


  • 13. Januar 2019, 19:00h, Kulturcafe Max, Wien: „Digital Piano Featured Robo Funk“
  • 29. September 2018, 19:00h, Kunst & Kultur Resort Schüttkasten, Geras, Niederösterreich: „Limited Latin Freestyle Tango Walz Unlimited“ (solo unplugged)
  • 19. May 2018, 23:00h, El Parque, Alcalá la Real, Jaén, Spain: „Spanish Colours Unlimited“ (solo unplugged, open air)
  • 18. May 2018, 21:00h, Museo Palacio Abacial, Alcalá la Real, Jaén, Spain: „Sensual-Transgression-World-Funk-Cross-Over“ (solo unplugged, vernissage)
  • 19. April 2018, 20:30h, Café Carina, Wien: „Shamanic Jazz Funk“
  • 21. February 2018, 21:30h, COCO Bar, Wien: „Live und frech in der COCO Bar“
  • 10. February 2018, 22:00h, Studio Tango Creativo, Wien: „Tireless Funky Milonga“ (solo)
  • 03. February 2018, 20:30h, Gecko Bar, Wien: „Gag Oh Gecko – Neu Jahrs Live Concert“
  • 30. November 2017, 20:00h, Fania Live, Wien: „Joint X-mas Concert“ with Vocalistics and Sirens Harbor
  • 17. November 2017, 20:00h, Fania Live, Wien: „Funky Fusion Outing“ !!CD RELEASE !!


  • Lineup 2017/2018:
Michael Funk: guitars & percussion (right), Wolfgang R. Zissler: drums & percussion (mid), Oliver Zopf: percussion (left), Photo: Thomas Hofer, Wien
  • 30 November 2017, @ Fania Live in Vienna:

  • 17. November 2017, @ Fania Live in Vienna:


  • June 4, 2017: Rayo de sol